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Dark Cocoa White Chocolate Chip

From the confines of our cookie lab comes a mouth watering new flavor that is sure to be a delight to your taste buds. If you are a lover of Dark Cocoa and White Chocolate then this is your answer from heaven. Introducing our new Dark Cocoa White Chocolate Chip Cookie. Each cookie is fortified with Cold Processed Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate designed to deliver up to 20g of protein per serving. This “Macro Friendly” cookie is perfect as a snack, meal or tasty late night treat.

Hint: Eat cold or warm with non-fat yogurt or ice cream for a guilt free dessert!

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Protein 20g  |  Fat 9g  |  Carbs 23g  |  Sugar 11g

INGREDIENTS: Whey Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, papain, lactase, dextrose and soy lecithin), sustainable non hydrogenated palm oil, whole wheat flour, unbromated white flour, all natural dark cocoa powder, white chocolate, pumpkin puree, molasses, stevia, dark brown sugar, corn starch, water, fine sea salt, vanilla extract, baking soda, potassium sorbate (a mold inhibitor) and citric acid (preservative). Allergen Alert: contains milk products, wheat and soybean. Manufactured in a facility that processes peanut and tree nuts.


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