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Business Partners. Best Friends. Sisters.

We founded the The Protein Cookie Company in the back of our mom’s artisan bakery during the Christmas season of 2012. However, we believe it really started years before in our home in South Texas… Growing up we spent our Sunday’s in the kitchen with mom baking from scratch. Baking was, and still is, a way of expressing love in our family. So in October 2012 on my husbands birthday I created a dark cocoa protein cookie. After a few batches, I had come up with a cookie that tasted good and had great macros. I snapped some pics and posted them on Facebook, then social media did its magic… I started to get requests from friends for protein cookies…this was the Aha Moment! Right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Christmas baking at my mom’s bakery, I made a small prep area in the back. This time I wasn’t baking 12 cookies at a time. I had scaled up to bake at least 100 cookies per batch. After several bad batches I pulled my sister over to help me. She did all the recipe scaling at the bakery and plugged in my recipe in her formula. By March 2013 I decided to start The Protein Cookie Company. I sat my sister down and asked her to partner up with me on this venture. We eventually grew out of our mom’s bakery and moved the business to copacking facilities. But our growth was dependent upon on our copackers schedule and we had no control over the quality of our product. During this period we faced new challenges, yet we remained patient, persistent, and faithful. Instead of giving up, we worked harder and learned everything we could about how to produce our product. Finally the day came that we had an opportunity to have our very own production facility. Every 18 hour work day, every long drive, every night away from home, every tear we cried wasn’t for nothing. It was for this moment. Today we bake our cookies in a bakery that is a short drive from home. We oversee every process to ensure the highest quality and we are able to grow at our own pace. Mom sold her bakery and is our resident baker. She continues to remind us the values she taught us as kids. When we’re asked what is our company’s strength, we say, it all starts with FAMILY.

Marina Garza, Co-Founder

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