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Join now, earn money, get free cookies, get free swag …oh, and did we mention, its free to join!!  Do you eat, sleep and dream about protein cookies? If so join our family and become a Brand Representative.  There is no requirement to sell.

Sign up is quick, easy and FREE! 


The Protein Cookie Company is about family. We work together, play together and succeed together.  We are an artisan bakery, creating the best tasting, high protein cookies on the market. We are committed to always choosing high quality protein sources and premium ingredients over recipe short-cuts just to increase margins. We work diligently everyday to create cookies that are both healthy and delicious.  In other words, we don’t cut corners, we do it right, we do it with pride and we do what we love!


You will earn a set commission for every sale that is made through your website, Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest account when customers click on your personalized link, use your coupon code or use your custom URL.

All you have to do is place a text link or banner ad on your site or social network, and when a customer clicks through and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a set commission. You can also earn commission with personalized coupons codes you can give to your family, friends, clients and social media followers.

You can track your sales and commissions earned, download website link and social media ads, and stay connected with us through our Brand Representative Program App. Simply download the app to your phone or log in to your dashboard via our website. Your commissions will automatically be paid monthly via Paypal.


– FREE Cookies every month
– FREE Swag every time a new swag item is launched
– 15% – 50% Discount Coupon Codes for your personal use
– 15% Discount Coupon Codes to give your family, friends and followers during scheduled promotions
– Earn 10% – 15% Monthly Commissions
– 3 Tier Referral Program (Opportunity to earn additional commisson)
– Receive a Custom URL
– Access to Customizeable Branded Marketing Material
– Cookie Duration = 30 Days


We would love to see how you incorporate The Protein Cookie Co into your daily life by sharing crazy recipes you come up with or posting when you pair your favorite Protein Cookie with a cup of coffee to start your day.

All Brand Reps are required to:
1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram ( & @theproteincookieco)
2. Post a photo of The Protein Cookie Company once a week to both Facebook and Instagram. Photos can range from you eating a cookie,  a photo of a recipe you made using The Protein Cookie Company or a photo of The Protein Cookie Company cookie on your desk, pretty much anything goes!  Make it fun and original, your photo could be chosen as our weekly winner and you could receive FREE COOKIES!




Earn additional commissions on sales from Brand Reps you refered to  you join the Brand Rep Program.

Brand Reps will find this useful if they do not have a website.  Customer URLs are easy to promote on Social Media Platforms at live events.


Download custom marketing material that will best suit your event. (Banners, flyers, postcards, business cards, etc)  Add your name, contact info and custom URL directly onto marketing material.


VIP Brand Rep
Every Brand Rep automatically starts at the VIP Brand Rep Level, earn 10% Commission and receive a 15% Off One-time Discount Code for personal use.  Generate $500 in sales in a month and move up to become a Super Star Brand Rep

Super Star Brand Rep
Brand Reps acheiving elibility to Super Star Brand Rep status will:
– Earn 10% Commission
– Receive a 30% Off Monthly Discount Code (1x per month/personal use), receive FREE swag and 24 FREE cookies per month
– Remain at the Super Star Brand Rep Level for 6 months, thereafter Brand Rep must generate a minimum of $500 in sales per month in order to remain at the Super Star Brand Rep Level. (An average of sales over the previous 3 months can be combined to qualify you as well.)   
Generate $1500 in sales in a month and move up to become an Icon Brand Rep

Icon Brand Rep
Brand Reps acheiving eligbility to Icon Brand Rep status will:
– Earn 15% Commission, earn Lifetime Commissions
– Receive a 50% Off Monthly Discount Code (1x per month/personal use)
– Receive FREE swag and 48 FREE cookies per month
– Remain at the Icon Brand Rep Level for 6 months, thereafter Brand Rep must generate a minimum of $1500 in sales per month in order to remain at the Icon Brand Rep Level. (An average of sales over the previous 3 months can be combined to qualify you as well.)

Receive swag everytime you become eligible to move up to the next level. (Swag will be shipped out with in 30 days of achieving next level.)  Plus receive swag when new designs/items are launched.  All shipments of swag and cookies can only be shipped within the U.S.

Monthly Cookies
Receive your monthly cookie shipment at the begining of every  month, starting with the month you become elibible to receive.

– Commissions are calculated from the subtotal minus any discounts, and excludes any additional handling, shipping, taxes and miscellaneous fees and are paid out once a month, at the end of each month for the prior months commissions.
– User must complete the purchase transaction in the PCC Web Site, remit payment and accept the product at the users shipping address.  Once the complete transaction has been made, the commission will be awarded.
– Brand Reps are paid their earned commissions on a monthly basis via Paypal. All Brand Reps are required to have a Paypal account. Commissions are paid on the 25th day of each subsequent calendar month. The minimum payout is $50. You must earn $50 in order for commission to be automatically paid out on the 25th of the subsequent month. If you earn less than $50 in a month, your commissions will be added to the following month, at which point when/if you reach the $50 minimum payout fee, you will be paid on the 25th of the subsequent month.
– Brand Reps cannot earn commission in the following circumstances: purchases made with Brand Reps discount code designated for personal use, orders made buy Brand Rep, orders shipped to Brand Rep’s personal/work address and/or any cancelled, returned and refunded transactions.  Only completed transactions are awarded commission.
– Free promotional product given to Brand Reps as part of The Protein Cookie Company Brand Rep Program can not be re-sold, reselling of free promotional product may result in the termination of this agreement.
– Cookie Duration = 30 Days: Brand Reps will earn commission from visitors who click through their link for the next 30 days.

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