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Our Promise to you is to create the best tasting, high protein cookies on the market. We are committed to using high quality protein sources and premium ingredients over recipe short-cuts. Our label will continue to be clean and transparent, always offering you the simple truth about our ingredients. We work diligently to source sustainable ingredients from globally and environmentally responsible purveyors.

In other words, we don’t cut corners, we do it right,
we do it with pride and we do what we love!

Good for you. Good for your family. Good Anytime.

Enjoy The Protein Cookie Co. for Breakfast On-The-Go, Mid-Day Pick-Me-Up, Pre/Post-Workout Meal or as a Satisfying Midnight Snack!

Each flavor is packed with more than 21g Whey Protein per serving.

Serving Size : 1 Cookie (65g)

Healthy on-the-go snack, Quick mid-morning pick-me-up, it's the perfect pre-workout meal

Enjoy Anytime!



WPC is a nutrient-dense, high-quality animal-based protein used for supplementation or fortification.

WPC80 contains 80 to 82 percent protein and 4 to 8 percent lactose, making it the best choice for people choosing to follow a nutritious diet.  With its low percentage of lactose, this makes WP80 ideal for those with lactose sensitivity.

Whey Protein is naturally high in the three essential branched chain amino acids (leucine, iso-leucine and valine) compared to other protein sources, helping to support muscle maintenance, muscle building and overall recovery.

The key benefit of Whey Protein is its ability to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and muscles making it ideal for pre/post-workout meals.

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